Collection: Sunchokes

Welcome to your one stop shop for Jerusalem Artichokes - one of the single largest collections available in the United States - curated for you by our expert staff.

A high yielding, low-maintenance, and multi-functional perennial sunflower indigenous to North America, Jerusalem Artichokes (aka sunchoke, sunroot, and topinambur) produce both beautiful yellow flowers (memorialized by French painter Claude Monet) and edible, potato-like, tubers that are highly prized by chefs worldwide. Both seed tubers and true seeds are planted late in the fall. Plants mature in one growing season, bloom after other flowers have faded, and produce reliable yields of tubers that can be harvested all winter long for fresh eating, cooking, preserving, or distilling. Leaf and stem biomass also make excellent livestock forage and, when dried, a great alternative to cut wood for fuel.