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Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus 'Potawatomi')

Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus 'Potawatomi')

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Highly-productive lima bean long stewarded by the Potawatomi (Bodewadmi) Nation and well-adapted to northern climates. Vigorous, disease resistant vines grow 8-10 ft. tall and require trellising. Large, thick-walled pods are easy to find and shell, with little-to-no shattering before harvest. Beans are both deliciously edible and decorative!

Planting depth: 1 in.
Plant spacing: 2-3 in.
Row spacing: 2 ft.
Plant height: 8-10 ft.
Days to maturity: 80 days
Days to maturity (dry bean): +2-3 weeks

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