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'Gete Okosimin' Winter Squash (Cucurbita maxima)

'Gete Okosimin' Winter Squash (Cucurbita maxima)

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This extra large, bright-orange banana-type winter squash belongs to the Myaamia (Miami) Nation of present day Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, concentrated along the the Waapaahšiki Siipiiwi (Wabash River) between Kiihkayonki (Ft. Wayne, IN) and Aciipihkahkionki (Vincennes, IN). Fruit can grow up to 3 ft. long and nearly 20 lbs. They are thin-skinned with delicious, sweet, smooth-textured flesh beloved by chefs and foodies worldwide.

Gete Okosimin is enjoying its day in the sun, becoming wildly popular after (false) reports that it was an 800-year old variety found in a cave. This pales in comparison to the truth – that generations of Myaamia seed stewards have been hand-pollinating and improving this variety for thousands of years!

Seed planting depth: 0.5-1 in.
Plant spacing: 18-36 in.
Sprouts in 5-10 Days
Days to maturity: 105-115 days
Full Sun
Ideal Temperature: 70-95 ºF

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